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[Top 10] Best lives “at home” during quarantine

Quarantine has been an enduring time for all of us. And even some of us haven’t come to the end of it yet… Fortunately, for the last 3 months, our favourite artists have been working hard to warm our hearts, through live performances from their living room, bedroom or bathroom!

Whether it has been produced as part of well-known television programs, or from a personal initiative with lives on their social networks, these performances sometimes have been exceptional. Song Trivia has selected for you 10 unmissable concerts, to be broadcast at home as much as you like for your Guess the song evenings! It's as if the singers invited themselves into your living room...

  • Tame Impala – “Is It True”
    Kevin Parker, singer of the Australian group Tame Impala, is an icon of the indie rock scene, but the release of their pop album Currents in 2015 put him in the spotlight, to the point of being covered by Rihanna! Here, he performs one of the tracks from his new album in a colourful and ultra-fast paced live show for US presenter Stephen Colbert and his #PlayAtHome segment.
  • Billie Eilish – “Everything I Wanted”
    After becoming one of the biggest stars in the United States last year, it was only natural that the young Billie Eilish should be invited to the concert organised by Lady Gaga, "One World: Together At Home". She also performed, with her brother at the piano, her superb single "Everything I Wanted", for James Corden's #HomeFest series. Bonus: the two puppies on her lap... So cute!
  • Sia – “Together”
    Clearly, American late night shows are full of great lives recorded from home! This time it was Jimmy Fallon's "At Home Edition" segment that dazzled us with a totally crazy performance by Sia, who practically created a video clip for the occasion. Looks like she had a lot of fun with all those homemade costumes and homemade decorations! We can only advise you to use it as an inspiration for your Guess the song parties at home!
  • Dua Lipa – “Break My Heart”
    Another live for Jimmy Fallon who filled us with joy! Dua Lipa sings there from her London flat, a disco track from her brilliant last album, Future Nostalgia: "I should've stayed at home" she says at one point in the song... The lyrics are very appropriate!
  • Mac DeMarco – “Fooled By Love” feat. Jon Batiste
    We could expect a somehow crazy live (for Stephen Colbert) from Mac DeMarco. And indeed, with this monstrous head spinning on a stool and his pool in the background, the homemade set does not disappoint! But against all expectations, Mac performs a ballad, accompanied by Jon Batiste's jazzy piano. Sublime.
  • Lady Gaga - “Smile”
    We couldn't talk about the huge charity operation "One World: Together at Home" without mentioning the live performance of her creator. Lady Gaga's choice was a moving one: she decided to sing "Smile" on the piano, an optimistic song composed by Charlie Chaplin. Her playing and vibrato are simply bluffing. A little emotive touch for your musical quizzes, if you decide to make a "Lives at home" theme!
  • Bob Sinclar – DJ Sets
    The superstar of the 2000's was also there, every day at 2pm on Facebook, live from his studio, for very long DJ sets that lit things up on our terraces! The event received worldwide media coverage and gathered nearly 1 million viewers each time. Sinclar, made us discover his huge vinyl collection with some French Touch and house vibes. A real delight!


  • Thom Yorke (Radiohead) – “Plasticine Figures”

Most of the artists played famous songs but the Radiohead singer gave us a nice surprise with this brand new track, played from his home on the piano. The melody is superb, as always... We can't wait to hear a studio version!

  • Stevie Wonder – “Lean On Me”, “Love’s In Need of Love Today”
    Is it really necessary to comment on this incredible vocal performance? Such a gift deserves nothing but silence... Respect, Stevie.
  • Christine and the Queens – “Blinding Lights” (cover of The Weeknd)
    Chris has spoiled us during this lockdown! Every night at 6pm, the singer performed live from her home on Instagram. In addition to the superb songs of her latest album La Vita Nuova, the artist covered the latest hit of The Weeknd in a masterful way. A crazy electronic instrument, an incomparable class - those crazy shoes! - and, of course, an angelic voice, to give you chills... Perfection.
Blinding lights (The weeknd cover)

Blinding lights (The weeknd cover) 🖤 I thought it’d be nice to share with you this cover I just worked on, because I guess I can’t help it, on a stage or everywhere else I can push the furniture Thank you Global Citizen and World Health Organization (WHO) for inviting me to perform live yesterday for the #togetherathome series. Love you all and let’s stay in touch #ensembleàlamaison

Publiée par Christine and the Queens sur Mardi 24 mars 2020

We hope that these lives selected by SongTrivia have put a smile on your face and that you feel once again ready to invite friends to your home for your Guess the song nights... But don't forget social distancing, of course!

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