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"Pride Month": Queer pop icons for your music quiz

Besides the fact that the June is known as the beginning of summer, it’s also a (usually) festive time, with music festivals or pride parades around the world. But more than a simple entertainment and outdoor event, gay prides are above all a nice moment focusing on communion and tolerance.  

Cancelled or postponed for reasons we all know, SongTrivia has decided to revive them and close this "Pride Month" on a high note, with a special queer culture musical quiz! Here's a look back,  at some of the pop figures who marked the movement and from whom you can take inspiration from, if you want to create your own Guess the "LGBTQ" song. Get out your glitter, boas and platform shoes... Let the rainbow shine!

A bit of 70’s Glam rock in your musical quiz

The 70s were crucial in the development of LGBTQ culture especially when it comes to music. After the hippie movement of the previous decade, and the sexual liberation it initiated, the pop rock scene has been shaken up by artists as militant as they were provocative.

Invented in England by the charismatic rock star Marc Bolan, from  the group T. Rex, glam rock is characterised by a return to a simpler and more efficient style of rock'n'roll, while adding some  flamboyant and theatrical instrumentation (violins, brass instruments...). Electric Warrior by T. Rex, and his hit "Get it On" (1971), or Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie are among the original albums of the genre.

Looking at their dress code, both artists don't hesitate to wear feather boas, glitters, make-up and heels for a totally innovative androgynous look. A free spirit that will inspire other pop and glam stars like their friend Elton John or Freddie Mercury, famous lead singer from Queen – this may give you some ideas for your musical quiz with friends!

A Guess the retro song and kitsch with queer hits from the 80’s

With the massive success of the video clips the 80s pop was rich in extravagant and liberated styles. We all remember the timeless songs performed by Boy George ("Do You Really Want To Hurt Me", with Culture Club) or George Michael, being solo or with Wham! - ah, those gorgeous shorties and pink sweaters in "Wake Me Up Before You Go-go"! It was also the decade of Queen's mythical "I Want To Break Free", with Mercury vacuuming in a latex skirt.

But it was also, the rise of queen of pop and queer icon, Madonna. Close to many LGBTQ artists, some of whom were hit by the AIDS epidemic, she first of all supported the community and raised public awareness on this new disease. Artistically, she has also contributed to the visibility of queer cultures. The most famous example of it all, is the "Vogue" video clip in 1990, which brought the voguing dance (born in the late 70s in some African-American queer clubs) into the light. That year also marked the beginning of her long friendship with the stylist Jean-Paul Gaultier, whose famous conical-breasted corset she popularised. An emblem of fashion that contributed to the liberation of the feminist and LGBTQ culture.

Futuristic electro and pop dance for a 2000s musical quiz!

The beginning of the 21st century was strongly influenced by Madonna's modern style. Pop stars became, for some of them, icons of queer culture, while often adopting a more electro style. It has to be said that the Eurodance and French Touch craziness of the late 90's did a lot... We know that you thirty-something, are also nostalgic for Gala and Aqua, don't pretend!

This electro-pop turn in the LGBTQ music is perfectly embodied by Cher's extraterrestrial hit "Believe", she totally reinvented herself in 1998 and released the first ever auto-tune hit in music History! We couldn't have dreamt of a better track to dance to in queer clubs. The following years would be punctuated by huge dance pop phenomenon, becoming anthems for the gay community. One of them being "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", with Kylie Minogue singing "la-la-la" - does it remind you of "Freed From Desire", or is it just me? We can also talk about t.A.T.u., the duo of (fake) lesbians in schoolgirls' uniform, who shocked your grandparents by rolling around on the timeless "All The Things She Said". We could hardly make it more explicit!

Finally, the last years of the decade will have seen the rise of one of the greatest pop stars of our time, considered as Madonna's successor: Lady Gaga. With her eccentric outfits – someone said meat dress? - and her video clips playing on the edge of queer and pop culture ("Alejandro", "Bad Romance", "Judas"...). The singer became the muse of the entire LGBTQ community with only two albums. So many song tracks to pick from for a Guess the LGBT song!

Transsexuality and robotics: the future of queer pop in a cutting-edge Guess the song test

Lady Gaga clearly left her footprint on the « mainstream » pop scene, but not only... Her odd and decadent universe pushed art boundaries and influenced the independent scene. If you feel like creating your own musical quiz about queer culture, you can also impress them and get off the beaten track!

The electro-pop producer SOPHIE is one of the leaders here. Born a man, she revealed her transition in a video clip ("It's Okay To Cry") she directed. This clip became a reference within the independent queer scene. Singing topless in the middle of rainbows (LGBT symbol), constellations and storms, for an irresistibly kitschy result. Her more upbeat hits, such as "Bipp", have become emblems of this new "bubblegum" pop, made of voices under helium or sounds of inflatable balloons. Now, even Madonna (in "Bitch, I'm Madonna"), Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Charli XCX work with her! Other artists like Arca also staged their trans-identity with robotic prostheses and totally delirious video clips.

Anyway, as you can see, queer pop still has a long way to go...

Now that you're on top of the subject, it's time to party (quarantined) under a shower of glitter by playing a Guess the song special "LGBT music"!

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